When Your Weight Loss StallsAmericans are becoming more and more aware of the need to take better care of our bodies. The major concern for many of us is obesity. No weight loss plan is easy. Many of us start a weight loss plan strong. For the first week or two, we are encouraged by the results. Later, however, our body adjusts to the plan and the weight loss slows. After a while, in spite of our efforts, we may have weeks in which the scale shows no reward at all. Instead of getting discouraged and giving up, a better plan would be to make sure hidden calories aren’t sabotaging your efforts. You’ll only need a calorie counter guide, measuring tools, and a notebook.

Сalorie Сount

Start by reading the nutritional information on the packaging of the food you eat. If you eat a lot of Kroger’s canned green beans every day because they’re only 20 calories per serving, that’s great. But did you know that a serving is only ½ cup. Use your measuring cup and see how big that portion is. If, in the course of the day, you eat a whole can of green beans, that’s about 70 calories. A tossed salad might be another food that could lead to hidden calories. Measure your salad dressing.

Kraft Fat Free Ranch Only one tablespoon of Kraft Fat Free Ranch is 24 calories. For some foods refer to the calorie counter. From it you might be interested to learn that an extra small banana is one that is less than six inches in length and counts as more than 70 calories.

I also said you need a notebook. This is to keep track of everything you eat. I like the saying “If you bite it, write it.” If you drink your coffee with a fat free creamer, write down every cup you have because each serving of that creamer is about 25 calories. Check your calorie counter for a serving size of the meat you’ve had and don’t forget to note whether that serving size is figured before or after cooking. There could be a big difference in the calorie count. At the end of the day add up the calories for everything you’ve consumed. Only then can you be absolutely sure that you’re on the right track for a healthier you.

When Your Weight Loss Stalls

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