There are many types of headaches and many different causes. Some headaches are caused by stress, food, and weather changes. Though most chronic headaches cases are genetic, there is usually a family history of them. Whatever the reasons for your headaches here are a few great safe alternative methods to help you get rid of them.


AcupunctureThis has been around a long time and is used all over the world.

This is done by pressing the thick meaty part of the web between the thumb and forefinger:

  1. Using your other hand, feel for the tender areas in the web and press and rub them.
  2. Squeezing with your thumb on the back of your hand with one or more fingers hooked under your palm.
  3. Apply pressure with a rhythmic pumping action.

The right amount of pressure will produce a twinge that isn’t too painful but isn’t soothing either. You can apply pressure for as long as necessary to reduce or eliminate pain.

Fever Few

This herb may reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. It contains compounds which may have anti-inflammatory properties similar to aspirin. These are available in caplet form. You can take one caplet twice a day when needed.

Vitamin B

This vitamin may help stabilize the brains serotonin levels, preventing headaches. It is recommended to take 50 milligrams a day if you suffer from chronic headaches.


AromatherapyThis method is also becoming very wide spread, people are using this method with great results. Peppermint oil is great , you start out by rubbing this oil into your temples this has pr oven to be very effective. Another great method is to dilute one drop of peppermint oil and one to two drops of almond oil and apply directly to your head or add to a warm bath. Other essential oils, such as lavender or roman chamomile can help relieve tension headaches. Sprinkle one drop of oil of your choice on a tissue and inhale deeply or add a couple of drops of each of these oils to a warm bath.

Fresh air

Outdoor air can be very helpful. Many compounds present in air indoors, such as dust mites and chemicals, can trigger headaches. To create fresh air in your home, I can advise generators of ozone. If you are finding that headaches or migraines occur more often after you return home, air quality is a trigger worth investigating.

Use Ice

This works for me, ice cuts pain by reducing swollen blood vessels that are pressing on nerves. This also lowers your metabolism which in turn reduces muscle contractions. You can use a reusable ice pack, wrapped ice, or even a frozen dinner. Cover the ice with a paper towel or a thin layer of cloth to protect your skin. Then place the ice on the painful area, but only do this for about 20 minutes at a time to avoid a chance of skin damage. Apply the ice as soon as your headache starts. There is a product out called Migraine Ice this provides cool relief without having to be refrigerated.

Also remember to exercise, eat good, get enough sleep, and if possible avoid stress.

Natural Remedies for Headache Relief

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